School for the Hearing Impaired

In 2012, Mathru started a school for hearing impaired children based on the request of many local parents. The school has qualified teachers including special educators who are trained in sign language. These teachers instruct students in American sign language as well as lip reading. In addition to reading, writing, and basic maths, students also engage in sports, yoga, painting, and various arts and crafts. The school is following the state syllabus with English language as the medium of instruction.

The school runs on one acre of land granted by Karnataka Government for the expansion of the activities of the trust. The school has beautiful greenery with all infrastructure like classrooms, library, computer lab, dormitory for boys and girls, activity rooms and gyms for better learning of these children.

Computer Education

Understanding the importance of computer education, Mathru has set up a computer lab and has a qualified instructor to impart teach computer skills for the students from 3rd Standard to 9th Standard. MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, Painting, Graphics, Data Entry skills are given.

Vocational Training Program