School for the Blind

The Mathru School for the Blind was the first institution to be started by the Mathru Educational Trust in 2001. It's goal is to provide free education to blind students, who primarily come from rural areas of Karnataka and around Bangalore. Mathru is also conducting various pre-vocational & vocational training, skill development and placement for the blind students in order to help them to integrate into the local community.

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The academic year at Mathru starts in June and goes until March with a 15-day break in October. One of the primary goals at Mathru is to provide all of its students with the same quality of education as other sighted schools in the State. Thus Mathru follows the Karnataka State Board curriculum. Mathru began with the 1st Standard in 2001 and has added one standard every year. Currently Mathru offers schooling from 1st Standard to 10th Standard in English medium.

Mathru emphasizes the importance of Braille literacy and requires every student to be comfortable with reading and writing Braille with the traditional slate and stylus. Mathru has qualified special educators who are well trained in teaching these students. Besides prescribed State syllabus, Mathru also provides computer skills, spoken English, mobility, sports, fine arts etc.

Computer Education

Understanding the importance of computer education, Mathru has set up a computer lab and has a qualified computer instructor to teach computer skills for the students from 3rd Standard to 10th Standard. These include MS Word,
MS Excel, PowerPoint using Jaws software.

Teaching Daily Living Skills

Besides providing quality education, Mathru makes it a point to teach students the skills they need to lead an independent life such as personal hygiene (toilet manners, brushing teeth, combing hair, dressing up, etc.), community involvement (doing laundry, washing belongings, cleaning dormitory and bathroom, etc.), and mobility training which helps students move confidently around their surroundings without assistance.

Overall Development

Mathru has also engaged sports instructor, who trains the students to maintain good physique, posture and mobility. Students are taken for outdoor sports activities twice a week. They are trained in marching and indoor games.

The students’ daily schedule also has time for participating in yoga and prayer. Prayer is emphasized as a means of discipline. The students are also given their recreation time when they can go to the terrace and play games with their teachers and classmates. In the evening, they watch news in Kannada and English in order to increase awareness, communication skills and language skills.

Skill Development

Apart from mainstream education, the school strives to build confidence in the children and encourages them to enhance their skills and talents. The teachers identify a student’s skills and expose them to music, art and drama classes. The students of Mathru School have won several awards, and often been in the media for their various talents and skills.

Music is a large part of skill development at Mathru. All students sing in unison during the prayer times in the morning and evening. They also have music classes. Mathru has a music teacher to teach music of all kinds (folk, classical, filmy and light music) and also prepare the students for music examination. The Mathru School has also released an audio album of the music produced and sung by its students in February 2008.

Students participate in several dramas, and have won awards in several competitions. Mathru students also evince keen interest in dance. The students perform group dances for special occasions like World Disabled Day, Environment Day, etc.

To showcase their intellectual skills, Mathru students participate in several inter-school and state-wide competitions with other visually impaired as well as sighted students.

Student Success Stories