Dear friends & well wishers,

This earth has given us life, resources and the capabilities to build, improve and share many wonderful and beautiful things. A loving vision and our attitudes can transform our world into one where there is harmony among the haves and have-nots. The community at large has to get involved and consider it a sacred duty to support someone, anyone, suffering for no fault of his or hers.

Mathru is attempting to make a difference in the life of the disabled by providing them with education, training, life skills and the confidence to lead a life with dignity, without being a burden on their families and society.

For over 2 decades, you have keenly watched the growth of Mathru from a humble beginning of 5 children way back in 2001 to the present strength of 182 children who are personally nourished and nurtured by a team of dedicated teaching and non-teaching staff.

Commencing as a school for the blind, Mathru has diversified its facilities to children with other equally challenging afflictions, such as, hearing impairments, deafblind, cerebral palsy, mental retardation, autism and other forms of multiple disabilities.

The Trust is presently running 4 projects at 4 places, in its own building with well equipped infrastructure and ambience.

This is a humble appeal to all people everywhere to donate generously and bring self-worth and independence to the disabled underprivileged communities who share the world with us. You can help us to reach our goals by donating your time, talent and experience.

Donate Options

Our projects run totally on the contributions of philanthropists, corporates and individuals. You can help the projects in the following ways:

  • Uniform expenses per child: Rs. 1500 (2 pairs)
  • Teaching aids: Rs. 15,000 p.a.
  • Milk expenses per day: Rs. 400
  • Nutritive supplement expenses: Rs. 15,000 pm
  • Stationery expenses for office use: Rs. 25,000 p.a.
  • Medical expenses per child: Rs. 1,000 p.a.
  • Physiotherapy expenses per child: Rs. 3,000 pm
  • Speech therapy expenses per child: Rs. 3,000 pm
  • Cleaning item expenses: Rs. 8,000 pm
  • Transportation charges per child: Rs. 1,500 pm
  • Children’s diaper expenses: Rs. 1,500 pm

You can also give in kind: provisions, vegetables, cleaning items, biscuits, fruits, water bottles, tiffin boxes, bags, napkins, shoes and socks.

Bank Details - National Donations
  • Bank Name: Bank of Maharashtra
  • Account Number: 60007505327
  • Account Type: Savings Account
  • Branch: Yelahanka New Town
  • IFSC Code: MAHB0001319
  • MICR Code: 560014014
  • Swift Code: MAHBINBBBGL
  • Phone number: +91-9886032632

Bank Details - International Donations
  • Bank Name: Bank of Maharashtra
  • Account Number: 60007505247
  • Account Type: FCRA Account
  • Branch: Yelahanka New Town
  • IFSC Code: MAHB0001319
  • MICR Code: 560014014
  • Phone number: +91-9886032632