Disabled children from poor families can now look forward to limitless care, learning and nurturing at Mathru. Like the name says, Mathru means motherly touch. We welcome every disabled child into our family and we will nurture him/her, into a confident grown up youth, who is independent and can lead a dignified life.

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Core Donors


Smt. Usha Vishwanath

When my husband was undergoing dialysis and knew that his end was near, he wanted me to be more independent and reach out to those less fortunate.

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Sri. Akhil

We are grateful to Mathru Educational Trust for the Blind and other Disabled for the valuable and selfless partnership with Sense India over the past 5 years.

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Sri. Purushotham

It is my pleasure to write a few lines on our institution. Mathru has just completed its 20 years.

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Sri. C R Rao

Twenty years ago, Muktha Gubbi, the founder trustee of Mathru, brought to her modest dwelling 4 girls of the tender age of four and six, born blind, feeble and vulnerable, and became their foster mother.

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Smt. Sudha Narashimachar

Since I met Muktha Gubbi the first time in 2003 or 2004, there has not been a moment that I have not admired her passion, simplicity, hard work, grit, perseverance, compassion and total dedication to the service of the needy.

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